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June 2017... The Trost Trophy was held on 12 June at Crystal Palace CC. Jude Ranga ran out winner with 8/9. Second was Jon Griffiths with 7.5 and Joel Newman was third with 6.5. The grading prize was won by Cem Oyvat with 5.5. Full results here.Thanks to David Hodgson and Crystal Palace for organising and hosting.

April 2017...(Desktops and laptops only) Match scorecards and Player stats pages now have 'tooltips' to show grade comments for players with estimated or January grades. Hover the mouse pointer over a player's grade to see.

February 2017... The Bielski Cup was held on 24 February at CCF. 11 4-board teams entered, each playing 10 rounds of blitz chess. Crystal Palace B ran out winners (by some distance) with 32.5/40 game points from Rangers (25 points) and Streatham & Brixton A (23). The Warriors (13.5) won the grading prize for the highest-scoring team with a total grade of less than 550. Full results can be downloaded here. Martin Stewart has kindly compiled a spreadsheet with various stats. These show, for example, that Jude Ranga was the top individual scorer with 10/10! A short AVI-format video clip is available here.Thanks as ever to Scott and CCF for their very efficient organising.

August 2016... The 2016 AGM will be held at Crystal Palace Chess Club on Monday 19 September at 7:45 pm.

June 2016... The Trost Trophy (individual handicap blitz) took place at Crystal Palace CC on 13 June 2016 and was won by Angus French (7.5/9) from Daniel Young (7) and Robin Haldane (6.5). The grading prize went to Maciek Dabrowski. A cross table is available here.

June 2016... The 2015/16 league season is complete. Congratulations to the winners: West Wickham A in division 1; Lewisham in division 2; Lewisham B in division 3; and Crystal Palace in the Rapidplay division.

February 2016... The Bielski Cup was held on 26 February at CCF. 11 4-board teams entered, each playing 10 rounds of blitz chess. Crystal Palace A ran out winners with 28.5 game points from Lewisham B (27 points) and 'Heaven Help Us' (25.5). Full results can be downloaded here. Thanks to Scott and Daniel for their very efficient organising. Picture: Graham Keane (Crystal Palace A) receives the Bielski Cup from Daniel Gliddon.

October 2015... The new season is underway and we are delighted to welcome two new teams - Castles, playing in Division 2, and King's College London, playing in Division 3. This season there are three teams in Division 1, eight in Division 2 and eight in Division 3. The Rapidplay Division is back in business and this season Crystal Palace, South Norwood and Streatham will compete for the David Hodgson Trophy.

June 2015... Our season is nearly at an end and the winners have emerged. It was a close contest in all three divisions. Congratulations to West Wickham A, winners of Division 1, who edged out Streatham A on game points. West Wickham also won Division 2, their B team finishing half a match point ahead of South Norwood A and Lewisham. Division 3 was also decided by half a match point with Crystal Palace C the winners ahead of CCF C1 and Wallington B.

April 2015... David Hodgson's recently-published novel Can I Touch Your Face? has been very well received - there's a review here on the Streatham & Brixton Chess Blog. David is secretary of Crystal Palace Chess Club and for many years ran the Croydon & District Chess League. You can buy a copy direct from David - just email him on

February  2015... The Bielski Cup was held on 27 February at CCF. This year 10 4-board teams entered, each playing 9 rounds of blitz chess. Streatham & Brixton Chess Club pulled off an impressive double - their B team finished in first place and their A team came second. The third placed team were Cumnor House Forever. Full results can be downloaded here.

October 2014... Revised rules for the 2014/15 season can be downloaded from the Playing rules page or by clicking here.

October  2014... Welcome to Lewisham Chess Club who are once again playing in our league and have entered a team in Division 2. There will be four teams in Division 1, eight in Division 2 and nine in Division 3.  There will be no Rapidplay division this season as there were only two entries.

June 2014... Streatham player Martin Smith won this year's the Trost Trophy, held at Crystal Palace Chess Club on 9 June, with a score of 8/9. Robin Haldane was second, Ronald Harris third and Marek Turowski won the grading prize. The cross table can be downloaded here.

May 2014... Howard Walden has written a history of our league, which can be downloaded via the link on the Home page.

May 2014... Congratulations to West Wickham B, this season's Division 2 champions, and Streatham C, winners of Division 3.

September 2013... The Croydon League is launching a new Rapidplay Division. In its first season, three clubs will contest the David Hodgson Trophy - Crystal Palace, South Norwood and Streatham. Teams will be limited to a maximum total grade of 650 and will consist of four players, each of whom will play two 25-minute games during a match.

May 2013... Congratulations to Streatham B who are this season's Division 2 champions, and to South Norwood B who have won Division 3.

March 2013... Well done West Wickham A, who have secured this season's Division 1 championship with 5 points from a possible 6.

The annual Bielski Cup was held on 28 February. Five teams competed and, as in 2012, the hosts South Norwood shared the honours with Streatham. The South Norwood A team and the Streatham team both finished with 16 points.

September 2012... The 2012/13 season will soon be under way. There will be four teams in Division 1, six teams in Division 2 and eight teams in Division 3.

June 2012... This year a field of 16 players competed for the Trost Trophy, held at Crystal Palace Chess Club on 11 June. Two players finished in top position with 6.5/9 - Robin Haldane and Martin Smith. Robin emerged the winner after a play-off. Marek Turowski was third and the grading prize went to Carl Weeks. For the full table, click here.

May 2012... Streatham A have won Division 1 by the narrowest of margins. Streatham A and West Wickham 1 both scored 5 points but Streatham's 15.5 game points were enough to secure the prize, just half a point ahead of West Wickham 1.

The Division 2 winners were West Wickham 2 with 4.5 points. Streatham C came second on 3.5 points.

May 2012... Congratulations to Wallington C who have won Division 3. They edged ahead of last season's winners West Wickham 3 on game points, both teams having scored 5.5 match points.

March 2012... Five teams took part in the 2012 Bielski Cup, hosted as usual by South Norwood Chess Club. Two teams shared first prize: South Norwood A and Streatham.

October 2011... The 2011/12 season is under way with two new teams in Division 3 - Lewisham and South Croydon Bus Garage. We also welcome back CCF, who this season have entered teams in Divisions 1 and 2.

September 2011... Our AGM and fixtures meeting is on Monday 3 October at Crystal Palace Chess Club, starting at 7.45 pm. Croydon League team captains and club officials are welcome to attend.

June 2011... 17 players from Croydon League clubs participated in this year's Trost Trophy, held at Crystal Palace Chess Club on 6 June. Robin Haldane took first prize with 7.5/9, Angus French came second with 7/9 and Ian Snape third with 6/9. David Moss took the grading prize. For the full table, click here.

April 2011... It looks like a clean sweep for West Wickham, who have already won Divisions 1 and 2 and look set to take Division 3. That's a remarkable achievement and congratulations to the three team captains - Sue Maguire, John Lewin and Howard Walden.

March 2011... Congratulations to South Norwood A, winner of the 2011 Bielski Cup with a score of 17.5 points. Streatham took second place with 12 points.

February 2011... The Bielski Cup five minute team tournament will be held at South Norwood on Thursday 24 February at 7.30 pm. Teams are four boards with a total grade limit of 750. Entries to Martin Cath by phone (020 9660 6252).

November 2010... The website has been updated and two new features added. The latest version of the full rules can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the 'playing rules' page, and Angus's new results form can be downloaded - to find the link for this scroll down the 'fixtures and results' page.

September 2010... This year's AGM and fixtures meeting will be held at Crystal Palace Chess Club on Monday 4 October at 7:45 pm.