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Sent:                                           07 October 2018 11:58

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Subject:                                     ECF AGM, 13 October 2018: Comments on the agenda


Dear Mike,


A few comments, if I may, on next Saturday’s AGM and the agenda for the meeting:


1.       The draft minutes of the 2018 Finance Council Meeting record (towards the bottom of page 2) that I put a motion “That a greater breakdown of the International expenditure budget be requested.”. This is not especially correct. What I asked for (and what Council approved) was a request for a breakdown of the ECF’s expenditure on the 2018 Olympiad. I was particular keen – and I’d like it to be recorded in the minutes - for a breakdown, for both teams (Open and Women’s), showing expenditure on travel, accommodation, food, coaching and appearance fees (not individual fees but total team spends on appearance fees). Please could the requested breakdown of expenditure be provided?

2.       Where can I find a breakdown of the results of card votes taken at April’s Finance Council meeting?

3.       A minor point: Agenda item 7(d) says Chris Fegan is standing for re-election. But Chris is standing for election (rather than re-election) after having been appointed, isn’t he?

4.       I don’t see that any Non-executive Director position is up for election. Is that correct – as there are three NED positions and as the terms served are for three years, shouldn’t there be a NED election each year?

5.       I am doubtful about item agenda 13 - to consider proposals for revised membership fees for 2019/20 onwards. My understanding is that it’s the job (per Article 18) of Finance Council meetings, not AGMs, to set membership fees and to do this for one year at a time.

6.       I note there is no Finance Committee report for the meeting. I think a fundamental job of the Finance Committee should be scrutinise budget and accounts statements and to report its findings to Council. As there is a revised budget to approve, I would like to have seen a Finance Committee report.


I would be grateful for your response to the above points.



Angus French (as a Bronze Members’ Representative on ECF Council).