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Dear Angus,

Assuming I am chairing the meeting, I suggest the following on your 2 points:

1.  The NCL was vaguely mentioned at the AGM, so I think you could raise it as a "matter arising" from the Minutes.  The Board (probably me) will then have to respond.  I wish I had a more satisfactory answer.  Nothing has taken place since we moved the library into storage last year, primarily due to lack of volunteers / resources.  We agreed to appoint a new member to the Library Committee. This is George Jelliss from Hastings who was one of those who helped with the move and has a personal interest in it.  However, if I'm honest, the Committee is dormant.  It was led by David Anderton until he announced last October that he was standing down from ECF activities.  This isn't satisfactory.  It remains a drain on ECF finances with no clear resolution.  Much of the contents was catalogued by the University, but the job is not complete.  It would require more space than the current storage to go through everything.  We need some good ideas for a new home for it all, and some more volunteers with a real interest in taking this forward.

2.  This can quite legitimately be asked when we get to the agenda items on implementing the Pearce recommendations.  There hasn't been a decision on replacing Bob Kane as Commercial Director.  It was seen as more important to get a new CEO and new Chairman of Governance in place, which we've now done.  We anticipate that a wider review of the make up of the Board and its functions should be part of our on-going work.  Also, I've sensed the current Board do not consider themselves tied by the limit of 10 Directors.  Obviously we'd need to amend the Articles further, but if we decided there was a good reason to have more in order to re-accommodate a Commercial Director, or other posts, I don't think there'd be a reluctance to do so.  The election rota would then be added to appropriately.





On 2016-04-12 17:58, Angus French wrote:

Dear Julie,


  In your position as proposed Chair for Saturday’s meeting, please can I make two points about the agenda:


1.       I think it would be useful to have a progress update on the National Chess Library. Last year’s finance meeting had a proposal - and subsequent decision - on the library but, so far as I’m aware, there was no ‘matters arising’ update at the last Council meeting (in October). I imagine the meeting would be interested to know, for example: has there been an audit of the stock; and, are we any closer to finding a home for the library?

2.       I notice the Governance proposals (item 13 on the agenda) imply* the removal of the Commercial Director post. Dare I suggest that this ought to be explained? For example, what would happen to the duties carried out by the Commercial Director – aren’t Regulation 2 and therefore agenda item 14 affected here? To whom would the Commercial officers report? Why not keep the post and expand the number of Directorships to 11? I would also point out that Council approved the creation of the Commercial Director post as recently as October 2013 (when the post of Non-executive Chairman was removed)?


* Based on the addition of the Non-executive Chairman post and the number of Directors remaining at 10, there would be no space for a Commercial Director if the other Directorships remain as currently filled. The Commercial Director post is not listed in the proposed election rota.



  Angus French , Bronze Members’ Direct Representative

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